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This is a blog about life, relationships, etc. All the pictures are by us and we would love to hear your favorite quotes. They can be anything. We will always follow back. Tell us what you think and reblog our stuff. Thank you so much <3.
Send us your favorite quotes&#160;!!!!!
More to come. Send in your submissions&#160;!
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emmreyess asked:
i love your blog! <3

Wow ! Thank you so much. We would love to hear one of your favorite quotes to make a picture for you. We will even shout you out :D 

Send in your favorite quotes&#160;!! We always follow back&#160;!!
We always follow back. Tell us what you think. SEND US YOUR QUOTES. Give us some love&#160;!!
Send in your favorite quotes&#160;! We always follow back&#160;! Thank you everyone 
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